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Russell Norris
Russell Norris 5.0
Clark Rheinstein
Clark Rheinstein 5.0
Phuong Le
Phuong Le 5.0

Mr. Park is detailed oriented on his work. Thank you so much for excellent job.

Michael Yofin
Michael Yofin 5.0

Mr. Sarari summarized my options, helped me reach a decision, and performed installation professionally, timely, and with detailed explanation.

Brandon Thieme
Brandon Thieme 5.0
Afshin Kianpour
Afshin Kianpour 5.0
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf 5.0

Same day service (very unusual for the type of heater I have). They were here exactly when dispatch said they would be. Fairly expensive, but the prompt service and expertise makes up for it. The technician made the whole look easy (although I wouldn't ...try this myself).Read More...

Faith Ehrman
Faith Ehrman 1.0

NOPE! DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT CALLING THEM!!! They will rip you off and take advantage of you! My pilot light went out twice on my water heater, so I called them since that is who the previous owners bought the water heater from in 2016, and it is still ...under warranty. I called early on a Friday morning and was surprised to get a same day appointment. My window was 9-11am. When no one arrived by 10:50am, I called to see if they were still coming. The office said that the technician Chris will be coming and he will text me 15 minutes before he arrived. At 3pm, he showed up without a text. He looked at the water heater and didn't think that anything looked wrong with it. He then returned with a $627 bill for parts and labor and would only take a credit or debit card. Against my better judgement, I gave him my credit card. He told me that someone would come by on Saturday or Sunday to do the work. He did nothing except look at the unit. After he left, we thought that seemed excessive, so I called the office to get an itemized breakdown of the charges in writing. They sent me a copy of what I signed with some parts listed, but not an itemized price breakdown. They also told me that they ordered the part which would be sent to my house on Monday, and I should call them on Tuesday to have the parts installed. Had I not called, I would have been waiting on Saturday and Sunday for someone to show up. We e-mailed them to get an itemized list and said we would cancel our order if they didn't send us one. Saturday morning when we received no response by e-mail, we called the office again and told them that we wanted to cancel the order and not be charged for services and parts that we do not want, he said that they had already ordered the part that was being sent to my house and the office wouldn't be open until Monday. I called the office Monday morning and was told that we were already charged for the services that they are going to perform. I told her that I do not want the services to be performed, that we want to cancel the order, and she said that I had to speak to the manager that was not in the office, but that he would call me back. Of course he did not call me back. We had another plumber come out Monday morning to look at the water heater and he said that the pilot light just needed to be re-set. I called my credit card company to contest the charge and even the bank said that they sound sketchy and should be reported to whomever monitors unethical businesses.Read More...

Amanda Guzman
Amanda Guzman 1.0

They are 24/7 and professional but unfortunately "affordable" is not what I would say about them. I feel they overprice plus they charge a $99 fee upfront just to evaluate the problem.


Steve Gil was very professional and easy going. He took his time, did a great job, explained everything thoroughly. I would recommend and use his services again.

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