About CastleWorks


The CastleWorks family is comprised of an ever-expanding network of home-services companies. Our story begins with inspired entrepreneurs including Lee and Christy Roux, Steve and Wendy Moore, Bill and Amy Tassio, David and Eliza Parker, and Danny and Kate Guiney. Each of these couples started from humble beginnings, building their family-owned and operated companies from the ground up in their various fields of expertise. Over many decades, their successful businesses provided expert plumbing, air conditioning, heating, and water heater services throughout California. Through their commitment to quality and their customers, each company provided specialized training and employment opportunities for their technicians and team members.

As the COVID-19 pandemic kept families inside their homes and with home-repair challenges at an all-time high, entrepreneur and business growth expert Alex Stuckey moved to California to establish CastleWorks as California’s preeminent home services provider. Over the next two years, Alex hand-picked a select group of first-rate companies to join the CastleWorks family.

The CastleWorks story continues to evolve as we restore homeowner’s sanity by delivering six-star home service solutions with unmatched skill, integrity and respect.

Why Choose CastleWorks

Once the expert technician arrives, they will greet you and then he will inspect the work site. He will run some basic tests and he will check to make sure the home service system is in compliance with current safety regulations and codes. After determining your water heater situation, the technician will then go over everything with you and will require a signature before he proceeds with the home service system work.

CastleWorks has been providing same day home services, 24 hours a day / 7 days a week since 1995. We do residential / commercial and Tankless Water Heater installation usually the same day you call.

Some customers ask why their friend’s or family’s final bill form “other home service companies” are higher then the quotes given over the phone. No company can honestly know what a job is going to cost until a technician sees, and assess the situation on-site. A low telephone estimate is just a way to get your business. You are better off with a company that comes out and diagnoses the situation first and gives you a firm fixed fee. That’s the way our company does it!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed 

Trained and Certified Technicians 

Friendly Customer Service

Trustworthy Technicians

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